Interview with JCrew Addicts

If you are a JCrew-aholic you are probably familiar with @JCrewAddicts. The popular twitter account that acts as a fan page for JCrew. The account also features fabulous personal style I got to ask her some questions.

Why did you start @JCrewAddicts? Did you ever think it would become so popular?

I started J.Crew addicts after one account called jcrewprobs stopped tweeting for awhile on twitter. I never thought my account would be so popular, I imagined having around 500 followers.

What would you advice be for girls lacking confidence to wear what they want to school?

I think confidence is something we could all use a little more of nowadays. I believe that you should dress for yourself and wear what makes you happy. I think while doing this confidence will begin to build up for you without you even noticing. 

Who or what is currently inspiring you?

Olivia Palermo is one of my biggest style icons. I also love looking for inspiration in almost everything around me whether it be a set of unique printed pillows or the color of butterfly wings.

Do you follow any blogs? If so, who are your favorites?

 I don't follow any blogs but I do check up on some every now and then. I love Blair Eadie!

Would you ever think of creating a YouTube or a blog? I know your readers ask you this, but I was just wondering if I could get the inside scoop.

I have thought of creating a Youtube channel a lot but currently my schedule is just too busy!

Navy or Black?

Black (it will be chic forever)

Small wardrobe with quality pieces of large wardrobe with cheap pieces?

Small wardrobe with quality pieces

Pearls or diamonds?


Peplum or polka dots?

Polka Dots

Ombre or Colorblock?


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