Sharing the Style: Rosefire Jewelry

Today I am bringing you how I style some pieces from Rosefire Jewelry. Designer Lauren E. Madden used different time periods in history to influence her line. The colorful and elegant creations were influenced by different time periods and figures from the past. One of Ms. Madden's biggest inspirations was the roaring twenties- the Gatsby years. I loved watching The Great Gatsby and getting a sense of where Lauren's inspiration came from. Rosefire Jewelry is unique and isn't what you would usually find on an outing to your local Forever 21. I loved styling outfits with these pieces and appreciate the hard work and creativity put in to them.

Look 1:

This necklace pulls my entire outfit together. The crescent moon pendant is the perfect color to compliment my bag and the multicolored beads keep this outfit from looking blue (haha).

Look 2:

Bold yet simple describes this necklace perfectly. It adds a wow factor to my look without becoming overpowering.

Look 3:

Now this is how you turn heads. This necklace has a unique neckline with the cutest of complimentary colors to make it acceptable for any time of year.

{attempted spin shot}

Look 4:

I've been struggling in styling my mustard sweater, but this necklace makes it work! The pendant has oodles of colors which makes paring it with things very easy.

{another attempted spin shot}

I encourage you to check out Rosefire Jewelry and their fabulous line of different pieces you will not find anywhere else.

Special thanks to Rebecca and Blackman Public Relations for setting up this collaboration.