How to dress for DECA

In school, I am apart of a business club called DECA (check it out here). DECA does competitive business events that require you to dress in, you guessed it, business attire.

I've gotten asked by you guys a lot about what to wear for DECA, or things like it, so here are my tips.

What DECA tells you to wear:
  1. Skirts should be within two inches of the knee. 
  2. Hosiery may seem old fashioned, but it is still a more conservative look and therefore perhaps the preferable one for some judges.
  3. Shoes should be close-toed and you shouldn’t have an extremely high heel. If you can find a professional looking flat, go with that. In almost all cases, boots simply don’t look professional for DECA competition.
  4. If you have long hair, find a way to wear it up in a professional fashion so you don’t play with it. You may not think you play with your hair, but it’s amazing what people do when they’re nervous.
  5. Keep makeup simple and professional in appearance.

^ I got these from an actual DECA article. For more of what they've gotta say, click here.

My tips:

1. Get quality clothes.

A white button down from Walmart and a button down from Ralph Lauren are not the same button down. It makes you look so much more professional if you are wearing clothing that fits, and doesn't look cheap.

I'm not saying that you have to take out a second mortgage for your outfit to look nice. Here is some quality clothing that won't break the bank:

{Button Downs}



2. Don't be basic.

Walking into DECA competitions, majority of the people there are dressed exactly like Pam Beesly.

No hate towards Pam, but her outfits are pretty boring. If someone is judging your DECA event, they will just see a bunch of cloned Pams.

Instead of going for her signature "button down and pencil skirt" look, maybe opt for like a dress, even better, where a dress that would stand out (bold colors and patterns). 

3. Accessorize.

If you go the route of a simple outfit, it is best to jazz it up with some accessories. A nice statement necklace can cost you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS.

Luckily for you, I created an online accessories store called Shop the Queen of the Closet ( We sell jewelry and other accessories that you could find in stores like J.Crew, but for affordable prices.

Don't feel bad about wearing a the same pants and top to competitive events if you have a few necklaces in rotation to mix it up.

Good look with your competitions, I am sure your outfits will look like they came fresh off of the runways!