School Essentials

Going back to school is tough. But with the right supplies, it can be 100 times better.

1. Get a cute backpack.

You carry your backpack around all day (well at least in my high school you do). Because you use it so much, it is essential that it is pretty. This year, I got my bag from Scout. I LOVE IT. (you can buy it here).

2. Customize your calculator.

I used to HATE this calculator. It was big, grey, and ugly. I found a shop on Etsy where I could send my calculator cover away, and it would come back looking like this! Unfortunately, the shop has closed since I purchased this :(

3. Spruce up the necessities.

Everyone needs paperclips. If you're gonna use them, you might as well use pretty ones. (you can buy similar ones here).

4. (fashionable) Safety First

You are bound to get a blister, a paper cut, or attacked by a bear this school year. You are bound to need some kind of bandaid. Luckily, J.Crew sells ADORABLE ones.