THE Family Fun Week 2017 Movie

Ever since I can remember, the first week of August has been spent with dozens of family members at the Jersey Shore. I recently have took up the responsibility of documenting the week and putting it into a short little movie for everyone to remember.

[you definitely don't care, but I'm going to tell you the story anyway]
This year, I wanted to up my game so I bought a drone. It was all fun and games until it blew away in the wind a few days before the official start of "Family Fun Week". Not wanting to let anyone down, I impulsively bought ANOTHER DRONE and had it Prime-d (can that be a verb?) to the beach.

And of course with my luck, THE MORNING MY NEW DRONE WAS SHIPPING IN, SOMEONE HAD FOUND MY OLD ONE. I put my phone number on the last one because lost was inevitable with my technology history and of course received a text with the address which I should pick it up.

It wasn't the worst thing that happened to me all week. I also started a small brush fire in the beach house kitchen by accident.

ANYWAYS here's the video: